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Influencer Relations

Traditional media relations and social media intersect at influencer relations. As the way the world communicates continues to transform, our team stays ahead of the curve by influencing the influencers.

Brand popularity and sales, once driven by TV spots and print ads, are now being pushed by influencers. Unlike traditional celebrity product placements, influencers relate to their followers by offering insights into their daily lives and the products they enjoy. A more intimate, curated post gives followers a more authentic experience.

At Colangelo & Partners, we build and maintain relationships with influencers across the lifestyle, wine and spirits spectrums. Working with both micro and macro influencers, we increase brand awareness and drive sales by developing and executing programs that garner measureable results. From concept to delivery, we ensure positive and consistent brand partnerships.

  • Conceive & strategize brand campaigns
  • Research & develop lists of digital luminaries
  • Vet influencers’ social media accounts to ensure their followers are authentic and their pages have proper engagement
  • Pitch & negotiate the campaign for potential partnerships, including rights to repost
  • Create briefs
  • Capture content
  • Measure and analyze results
Photo Credit: @bad_birdy

Colangelo is one of my favorite agencies to work with. I never hesitate to jump on a campaign they’re handling because they understand the influencer and brand world from both perspectives. C&P is extremely trustworthy, professional, and a pleasure to collaborate with – a trendsetter who recognizes avenues of opportunities most missed.

- Gina Doost @WhatTheDoost