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Tequila Partida

Establishing and Building a Quality Brand in a Crowded Market

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In 2007—when Colangelo & Partners launched Tequila Partida in the trade and media—super premium Tequila was not a well-known spirit. As the category grew, more brands came on the market with celebrity endorsements. Tequila Partida had to stand on category education and quality alone.



Colangelo & Partners developed and executed a strategic integrated communications plan including media relations, social media, trade marketing, events and web marketing.

Highlights included: a robust media relations program that garnered unprecedented numbers in imperssions annually, a dynamic social media presence, newsletters and Tequila Appreciation Day for trade, cocktail contest for bartenders, a compelling video series called “Tequila Confessions,” large-scale event participation at South Beach Food & Wine, Tales of the Cocktail, New York Wine & Food and Bon Appetit’s Chicago Gourmet. In addition, Colangelo & Partners built the initial brand website and executed design, held press trips and increased traffic to all online channels throughout a near-decade with Tequila Partida.



Successfully positioned Partida as a leading producer of ultra-premium Tequila with important trade and bartender audiences.

Reached hundreds of millions of consumers with the message of Partida’s quality

Grew the social media fan base to nearly 40,000 fans in less than 9 months

Helped the internal sales team to consistently grow Partida’s numbers by double digits every year

In my more than forty years of marketing and leadership in consumer products businesses, I’ve worked with more than a dozen PR firms, none of which matched Colangelo in talent, focus, passion, and most importantly, results. I often remark to my colleagues we measure the quality results from Colangelo by the pound rather than the number, since the quality and quantity greatly exceeds our expectations. My company and brand, Tequila Partida, has been fortunate to have as an outside partner and supporter, Colangelo PR. They are a unique and very special team.
- Gary Shansby, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Tequila Partida