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Barolo Week & Fontanafredda

Building Buzz for the Barolo Week Campaign and Driving Brand Awareness and Sales for Fontanafredda in the US

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Barolo in the US is generally known and consumed by the baby boomer generation, and it is largely perceived as a luxury wine not attainable by younger drinkers. Through the Barolo Week initiatives, Fontanafredda wanted to reach a millennial audience similar to that of Negroni Week to introduce them to and show them that Barolo is not out of their reach. The main challenge of the program was changing the perception of Barolo among younger drinkers.



Colangelo & Partners developed an integrated communications program focused on media relations and social media aimed at both generating interest in the Barolo Week events, and garnering press coverage for Fontanafredda Barolo. The comprehensive program included successfully attended press and trade seminars at Eataly stores in Chicago and New York; an influencer event at Eataly Flatiron in collaboration with VinePair; a sweepstakes with VinePair, Gothamist, Spoon University, The Kitchn, SHEfinds, and Newser (all popular media outlets with a young readership); a sponsorship opportunity with Thirsty Magazine; extensive social media activation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and continuous press pitching of both the Fontanafredda wines and Barolo Week.



Over 80 media placements were secured for Barolo Week and Fontanafredda in just three months. Colangelo & Partners worked with local media in both cities to promote the ticketed Eataly events available to the public, drawing large audiences. A total of 24 articles were secured on events surrounding Barolo Week, including the “Barolo and Truffle Feast” and the “Barolo Artist Series Collection” events at Eataly Chicago and New York. In addition, as a result of the sweepstakes, Fontanafredda now owns email and distribution rights to over 63,000 consumers who entered the giveaway, ensuring an engaged platform from which to build for future initiatives.