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Diplomático Rum

Celebrating Rum’s Sipping Culture

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Diplomático Rum, an ultra-premium rum from Venezuela, needed to create a loyal group of followers on multiple platforms in the digital space. While already a bartender favorite, Diplomático Rum lacked consumer engagement



Colangelo & Partners took over responsibility for the Diplomático US social media presence on October 1, 2015. The campaign activities include creation of social media guidelines, original content (photography, design, copy), giveaways, influencer marketing, social advertising and more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Since October 2015, Colangelo & Partners has increased Diplomático’s Facebook following by 12,000+ fans, Instagram following by 11,000+ followers, and Twitter following by 3,000+ followers. Colangelo & Partners also developed an online influencer program centered around National Daiquiri Day. Today, Diplomático’s partner agencies around the globe follow a branded social media guideline document created by Colangelo & Partners

“The comments that we have received about the [Diplomático] event reflect your dedication to providing such a memorable experience for those who attended. An experience that was absolutely on-brand. That’s why we chose you.”
- Mark Batey, Former Global Brand Director at Diplomático Rum