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Anna de Codorníu

Developing a brand evangelist influencer program for Anna de Codorníu

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Over the last few years, the sparkling wine category had seen considerable growth in the U.S., but Spanish Cava was not seeing the same rate of sales growth and increased market share as their European competitors, Italian Prosecco and French Champagne. As Spain’s leading Cava producer, Cavas Codorníu had an opportunity to educate consumers and create brand awareness for their flagship lifestyle brand, Anna de Codorníu. The overall Cava category lacked awareness within its target audience and demos, particularly Millennials and Gen Xers. While Anna de Codorníu continued to see modest sales growth, the brand needed increased awareness among both the wine trade (buyers, sommeliers, restaurateurs) and wine drinkers, especially in its focus market of Los Angeles, to realize its target sales goals.



Colangelo & Partners developed an Influencer Relations program focused on long-term partnerships with two influencers to maximize their audience’s exposure to the brand messaging and associate the brand with the aesthetic and aspirational lifestyle of influencers in their target audience. Through the partnerships, the brand had the opportunity to educate consumers on pairings and consumption occasions for Cava and Anna de Codorníu through original content crafted by the Brand Evangelist and create awareness of Anna de Codorníu’s portfolio. Colangelo & Partners leveraged this influencer activation into sustained earned media coverage, pitching partners as authentic brand spokespeople and creating media opportunities for the brand around the partnership or using the credibility of each brand evangelist.



Regular, on-brand creative content was developed by brand evangelists’ and posted on their pages, and later repurposed by the brand for general marketing. New relationships with influential lifestyle content creators and members of the wine trade we developed through hosted events, generating  1M+ social media impression, 30,000+ social media engagements, 25+ earned media hits (including Extra, Rachael Ray Every Day and Food & Wine) and 150M+ earned media impressions (measured as average episode viewership for broadcast hits, unique views per month for online hits and print circulation for print hits). The brand saw double digit increase in sales for Anna de Codorníu nationally and in their target geographic market (LA/Southern California).