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Il Gattopardo

Expanding the audience for a classic Italian restaurant group in New York City

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Il Gattopardo and its sister restaurant, The Leopard, have always enjoyed a sterling reputation for authentic, top quality southern Italian cuisine. Their clientele historically has been executive level but they were opening a new casual dining concept — Mozzarella e Vino — that needed to appeal to a younger audience and they needed to attract younger diners to their existing restaurants.



An integrated communications program using social media, press relations and events (Il Gattopardo has a beautiful event space) to build awareness for all of the restaurants among younger audiences.

Highlights include: the launch of active social media pages for each of the restaurants including Instagram and Facebook (a Twitter for the restaurateur, Gianfranco Sorrentino), an active press campaign that helped revitalize the reputation of the existing restaurants as well as the launch of the new restaurant, and leveraging the historical artwork at The Leopard (formerly Café des Artistes) to reach new audiences through culture/art press.



Major press hits in the New Yok Times, New York Magazine, the Atlantic Magazine, CBS, Timeout NY, Grubstreet and other top tier media

Strong social media growth in fan/follower bases as well as engagement

Double digit sales growth in each of the restaurants despite the challenging environment for uptown restaurants in NYC