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Frescobaldi Toscana

Using an integrated communications plan to bring a 700-year-old Tuscan winemaking family to the forefront for American media and consumers.

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© Guglielmo de' Micheli per Marchesi de' Frescobaldi


At the start of the communications program in 2008, Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi—one of Italy’s oldest and most famous wineries—was facing a weakening U.S. market in recession, and increased competition from younger, more contemporary wineries and winemakers. Colangelo & Partners was tasked to contemporize the Frescobaldi brand and make their story relevant for the current generation of wine drinkers in the U.S.

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Colangelo & Partners developed and executed a strategic integrated communications plan including media relations, promotions, product launches, and most recently, social media. To achieve their objectives, Colangelo & Partners positioned Frescobaldi as a progressive 700-year old wine company that doesn’t rest on its laurels but continues to innovate in the vineyards to produce world-class wines.

Frescobaldi NY Times


  • Increase from 80 million impressions in the 1st year of the program (2009) to 141 million in 2012, with 192 + clips
  • Substantially increased brand awareness for the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi portfolio in the US over a program project of 8+years
  • Successfully launched new products and program initiatives to key industry figures
  • Secured coverage of the Gorgona project in major international news outlets including the NYTimes, NPR and The Economist.
At Frescobaldi, we believe in taking risks, embracing change and, most of all, delivering extraordinary results. Our team at Colangelo & Partners shares these fundamental principles. For this reason, we have worked together successfully for over eight years.
- ​Lamberto Frescobaldi, President, Frescobaldi Toscana