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Napa Valley Vintners

Increasing Consumer and Sommelier Engagement with Napa Wines through the Somms and Sliders Campaign

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With the reputation of Napa Valley wine firmly cemented on the west coast, Napa Valley Vintners were seeking to increase awareness and consumption on the East Coast. Using Somms & Sliders, a campaign focused on engaging top restaurants in New York City, Napa Valley Vintners wanted to foster relationships with the sommelier community to make Napa Valley top of mind, while helping to cultivate consumer interest in Napa Valley wines.

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Colangelo & Partners developed an integrated communications program consisting of a custom built microsite, digital advertising, media relations, social media and trade work aimed at generating interest in Napa wines during the campaign dates. The comprehensive program included a trade education seminar, multiple press preview lunches, a late night sommelier event, a two week long restaurant promotion, extensive social media activation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and continuous press pitching of restaurants/sommeliers participating in Somms & Sliders.

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With the goal of increasing the visibility of Somms & Sliders, Colangelo & Partners secured a partnership with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) as lead restaurant group in 2016. Featuring activations and promotional participation from restaurants such as The Modern, Gramercy Tavern, North End Grill, Untitled at the Whitney and Blue Smoke (Flatiron and Blue Smoke Battery City), the USHG partnership helped establish Somms & Sliders as a serious proposition for restaurant groups and led to the eventual participation of the fast casual burger chain, Shake Shack.

In total, nearly 50 restaurant locations were secured for the Somms & Sliders promotion.  The final number of participating restaurants in 2016 represented an increase of 27 locations and a greatly increased brand presence in New York City.

Brand presence was also successfully increased through media relations and social media outreach. Somms & Sliders was featured in articles in publications such as Wine Spectator, The New York Post, Haute Living, Vine Pair, Wine Awesomeness, Bottlenotes, and some of New York’s top social media influencers got more than 100,000 views when covering Somms & Sliders burger pairings.