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National Prosecco Week 2020

Shifting event-focused campaign towards online retail promotion and digital activations

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The Pandemic

For the third consecutive year, the Prosecco DOC Consortium, together with Colangelo and Partners organized a weeklong national campaign to expand awareness of Prosecco DOC in the States. In the previous two editions, National Prosecco Week focused on masterclasses for trade and media, in-store and restaurant activations, consumer masterclasses and lifestyle events. The global pandemic that hit the US in March 2020 made it impossible for C&P to carry out such a program and the team worked to shift the activities towards digital activations such as virtual seminars and Instagram Live Tastings and enhanced E-Commerce and retail promotion.

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Colangelo & Partners recruited over 500 online retailers with both eCommerce platforms and brick-and-mortar stores to participate in the third edition of National Prosecco Week. Among these retailers, C&P secured a partnership with and Vivino. Retailers were asked to post the customized banner ads on their homepage, create landing pages featuring the participating Prosecco brands, dedicated email blasts, use provided assets for social media posts, and encouraged to offer discounts. Several retailers also hosted virtual tastings featuring the National Prosecco Week producers.



274% increase in Prosecco DOC sales on over the same period in 2019 with a substantial growth in the number of customers (+421%)

40% increase in Prosecco DOC orders through SevenFifty’s platform compared to the same week in 2019

24% increase in Prosecco DOC sales on Binny’s online store compared to the same week in 2019

27% increase in Prosecco DOC sales on a sample of 60 of the participating stores over the same period in 2019

Media relation efforts garnered a reach of over 142,759,063 Million and coverage on over 180 occasions

Influencer marketing initiatives reached 41 influencers for a total of 197 pieces of content