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Slow Wine US Tour

A series of events that raise awareness and interest in the Slow Wine movement and its wines.

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The Slow Wine Guide, a branch of Slow Food International, wanted to increase interest in the Slow Wine movement and in the Guide, as well as generate business opportunities for its participating wineries.





Colangelo & Partners has developed and executed a tour of events around the country, as well as a media relations plan that successfully positions Slow Wine as a leading guide of Italian wines in the US.

Highlights include: industry events in the major wine markets in the US, consumer wine tasting events, sales of the Slow Wine Guide, media relations program surrounding the tour, partnership with central wine and trade Italian institutions such as Vinitaly and ICE.



  • Successfully introduced Slow Wine certified wineries in major US wine markets. In 2016 Slow Wine visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and New York.
  • Through the years, placed Slow Wine in publications such as: the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and
  • Sparked the interest, in the Slow Wine Guide and its wines, of hundreds of consumers in California and New York.
  • Solidified relationships with educational and trade institutions, Italian and American, by partnering on events and press conferences.


We have worked with Colangelo & Partners for our national Slow Wine tour for 5 years now. They have consistently organized excellent events for both trade and consumers and they’ve been able to attract trade and press attendees of the highest grade in our industry. Colangelo & Partners is a true partner for us: always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we have successful events, problem solving as challenges arise and working for the best possible result.
- Giancarlo Gariglio, Editor-in-Chief, Slow Wine